Avital Pilpel

Who am I?

I am currently an associate faculty member in the International Program in Bar Ilan University the department of commuications at the IDC, and at Beit Berl College. I am also a teacher in the Midscapes program for gifted students at the University of Haifa.

My main interests are belief change in science, rational choice, and the interaction between philosophy and psychology. I am particularly interested in applying various philosophical perspectives to help in decision-making, both in particular cases and in life choices. You will find more about my research in the relevant section of this site. 

I have a PhD (2005), MPhil, and MA degrees from Columbia University. My undergraudate degree (1995) is from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in Mathematics and the "AMIRIM" Interdisciplenary Honors Program.I have also been a post-doc (2005-2006) in the University of Haifa's philosophy department.

I see teaching as an extremely important part of being in philosophy. You will find more about my teaching in the relevant section of the site. I also have a teaching certificate (2009) from Beit Berl College. 

​In my spare time, I am a chess historian. Chess had always fascinated me for its combination of passion and logic, and made me look deeper into its history. I specialize in the history of chess in Israel and Mandatory Palestine

Note: this site is a work in progress. Expect frequent changes and updates until further notice.