Avital Pilpel
Haifa, Israel
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I am a philosophy instructor at Levinsky Teachers' College [Hebrew], the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, and the University of Haifa. Starting next semester I shall also be teaching in Bar Ilan University. I have a Ph. D. from Columbia University and a B.Sc. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

My main interest is the relationship between decision theory and belief change, or rational belief change theory (RBCT). My Ph.D. thesis investigated the role RBCT plays in the evaluation of scientific explanation. I also investigate its role in other parts of the pure sciences, as well as in economics, psychiatry, and other applied fields.

For more information, including a capsule biography, go to my professional page. You can contact me (see my "contact" page or below on this page) for an updated CV. 

Hobbies and Interests
 I am also interested in irrational belief change: how religious fanatics, pseudo-scientists, and economic con men convince people. I contributed to Skeptic and Free Inquiry magazine, and (occasionally) to the Quatloos! economic scams blog.

My main hobby is Jewish chess history. Please visit my blog if you are interested in the subject. I am also a big fan of classical music and books. Visit my hobbies and interests page for more information (including articles), and for links to sites I regularly visit.

Family and Friends
My wife, Sigal, is a social worker in a hostel for the mentally ill, "Atid Hadash" [New Future]. You can download her CV in Hebrew or in English.
Last update: March 2014.

You can also visit the 'family and friends' part of this web site for more information about us and other family members. 

Contact Me
My e-mail and home town (for those who wish to find my mailing address or phone number) are found on the top of this page. However, depending on who you are and why you want to reach me, certain ways of contacting me are probably better than others. See the contact page for details.
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