I see teaching as an extremely important part of being in philosophy. My teaching concentrates on the application of critical thinking and historical insights to important social subjects - such as propaganda, communications, education, politics, and so on.

I also teach and specialized courses in specific philosophical fields, such as the philosophy of science or the philosophy of mathematics.  I also have a teaching certificate (2009) from Beit Berl College. 

Graduate & Undergraduate (selected)

2016 – current             History of Political Thought, Bar Ilan University.
2014 – current             History of Communications, Bar Ilan University.

2008 – current             History of Communications, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.

2009 – 2015                History of Propaganda (Seminar), Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.

2013                             Philosophy of Mathematics, Levinsky Teachers' College.

2013                             Philosophy of Science, University of Haifa.

2012 – 2013                 Philosophy of Education, Levinsky Teachers’ College.

2010 – 2014                 Philosophy of Military Intelligence, University of Haifa.

Secondary School 

2017 - current               The Mindscapes Program, University of Haifa.


Avital Pilpel